“We must make this the decade of vaccines.”
Bill Gates in 2010 World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

Vaccines’ values in disease prevention

According to US CDC, every dollar spent in vaccination will save up to 16 dollars in disease treatment and productivity losses


Clinical manifestations of enterovirus include hand-foot-mouth disease, which affect millions of people every year. Among enteroviruses, severe EV71 usually results in neurological complication or fatal cardiopulmonary collapses. Children under 5, especially those under 2 years old, are the most vulnerable population to severe EV71.

Pandemic Influenza

Pandemic influenza is loosely defined as a novel animal-derived influenza A virus that becomes transmissible among human population. With little and no immunity, pandemic influenza is able to infect global population in very short time with high morbidity/ mortality rate.

Dengue Virus

Dengue virus is a mosquito-borne viral disease that causes 390 million infections every year, among them 96 million show clinical manifestations. Severe dengue causes muscle and joint pain, internal bleeding, organ failure and even death.