Well-Prepared for Pandemic Influenza

MVC is well-prepared for pandemic influenza by establishing core-dossiers and cell-based manufacturing platform for H5N1 and H7N9 mockup vaccines. Influenza pandemic is unpredictable, fast-spreading, and usually accompanied with high mortality rate. Based on previous pandemics, it was too late to develop vaccines when pandemic occured. One of the public measures to prepare for pandemic influenza is to develop mock-up vaccines, which contains novel influenza virus may potentially cause pandemic. Manufacturers uses mockup vaccines to develop core dossier and manufacturing platform, so when real pandemic occurs, by applying the dossier and platform will manufactures and regulatory authorities be able to expedite the marketing process of “final” pandemic vaccine.

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Features of MVC’s Mock-up Vaccines
  • MVC is one of few vaccine manufacturers capable of utilizing mammalian cell-culture for pandemic influenza vaccine development.
  • Ensures stable material supply
  • Efficient scale-up production
Development Progress
  • Lead Optimization
  • Pre-clinical Study
  • Phase I Clinical Study
  • Phase II Clinical Study
  • Phase III Clinical Study
  • New Drug Application
H7N9 Mock-up