Fighting against EV71

MVC fulfills unmet medical needs by developing the world’s first EV71 vaccine protecting children 2-6 months old. EV71 is a member of genus Enterovirus, also the most common pathogen causing polio-like syndrome, often lead to potentially fatal neurological complications to children under 5. Based on the research conducted by Dr. Gantt in 2013, children under 6 months old have the highest relative case severity rate and fatality rate among all age groups ranging from 0-10 year-old. Usually, 50% newborns obtain neutralizing antibodies from their mothers, but the antibodies declines rapidly in 6 months. Therefore to eliminate EV71, it is important to extend babies’ immunity to establish required herd immunity, making vaccination the most efficient solution. So far, there is no commercially available vaccine protecting babies under 6 month-old. MVC understands children’s needs and develops vaccine to fulfil the unmet medical demand.

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Features of MVC’s EV71 Vaccine
  • Protect children aged 2 months to 6 year- old.
  • First vaccine clinically proven to protect 2m ~ 6 m babies.
  • Extend immune protection by 2 regular + 1 booster vaccination.
Development Progress
  • Lead Optimization
  • Pre-clinical Study
  • Phase I Clinical Study
  • Phase II Clinical Study
  • Phase III Clinical Study
  • New Drug Application
EV71 Vaccine