Effective Tool for Dengue Eradication

To provide more effective tool for dengue prevention, MVC collaborates with US NIH to develop live attenuated dengue vaccines eliciting thorough protection against all 4 subtypes of dengue viruses with just one single dose. This vaccine is currently under clinical development, and multiple human challenge studies have shown that the vaccine elicits 100% protection in vaccinated subjects compared to placebo group, making it a promising alternatives to prevent dengue infection.

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Features of MVC’s Dengue Vaccines
  • Elicit sufficient protection to all 4 subtypes of dengue viruses with just 1 dose of vaccination.
  • Applicable to 2 to 59 year-old.
Development Progress
  • Lead Optimization
  • Pre-clinical Study
  • Phase I Clinical Study
  • Phase II Clinical Study
  • Phase III Clinical Study
  • New Drug Application
Dengue Vaccine