Making Anti-RSV Prophylaxis Accessible around the World

MVC partners with WHO/ UCAB to develop high quality and affordable biosimilar Palivizumab to prevent respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). RSV is the most common pathogen that causes lower respiratory tract infections in infants under 2 years old. Premature infant or newborn with congenital heart disease have higher risk to develop serious pulmonary symptoms. Currently there is only one medical intervention against RSV, Palivizumab, monoclonal antibody drug targeting RSV virus, which should be administered monthly to provide sufficient immunity to high-risk babies. Yet Palivizumab costs approximately 500~800 USD per dose, making the medication inaccessible for many people around the world. MVC partners with WHO/UCAB to develop biosimilar Palivizumab to provide high quality and affordable preventative medication for global community.

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Features of Biosimilar Palivizumab
  • It is the first anti-RSV biosimilar entering clinical trial
Development Progress
  • Lead Optimization
  • Pre-clinical Study
  • Phase I Clinical Study
  • Phase II Clinical Study
  • Phase III Clinical Study
  • New Drug Application
Anti-RSV Biosimilar