MVC Rolled Out COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Trial
MVC amended MVC-COV1901 phase I clinical trial protocol to boost the 3rd dose to 45 subject for further evaluation of the immunogenicity and safety.
In MVC’s original phase 1 clinical trial design, 45 subjects were divided into three groups to be administered with 2 doses of low, middle and high dosage of MVC-COV1901. The interim analysis results showed MVC-COV1901 is safe and elicits expected immune responses. Six months after all subjects completing 2 dose vaccination, all subjects will be given the 3rd dose from May 11th to access the immunogenicity and safety of a booster vaccination. The primary analytical data will be generated in early Q3, and the analytical results will be valuable reference to gauge the effect on circulating new COVID-19 virus variants and a good benchmark for future vaccine development.