With well-established cell-based platforms, MVC has collaborated with several top-notch research institutions by technology transfer or strategic consortium to achieve commercialization of the promising pharmaceutical products around the world.

  • UCAB
    (Utrecht Centre for Affordable Biotherapeutics for Public Health)

    UCAB is a non-profit foundation that facilitates the development and sustainable production of high quality and affordable biotherapeutics. UCAB is a collaboration between Utrecht University and the World Health Organization. UCAB coordinate the development plans to avoid the waste from repeated research and enable each partner to produce cost-effective biosimilars with high quality. MVC is one of the UCAB partners to co-develop anti-RSV biosimilar of palivizumab with the other three internation

  • US CDC
    (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

    US CDC, the leading national public health institute under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, plays a critical role in global disease control and integration of public health resources. Also, it is an important research institute to prevent emerging infectious diseases. MVC collaborates with US CDC to develop second-generation dengue VLP vaccine.

  • NIH
    z(National Institutes of Health)

    NIH, a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is the largest medical research center in the world. It has developed and out-licensed several blockbuster biologics to the industry with annual sales over 1 billion USD. MVC licensed in a dengue vaccine which is in late clinical development stage from NIH. MVC gets the rights to develop, manufacture, sell and sublicense in 17 countries, including Taiwan, South East Asian countries, and Middle Eastern countries.

  • NHRI
    (National Health Research Institutes)

    NHRI is a medical research center established by Taiwan government and devotes to developing biopharmaceutical technologies. Its main research targets include proactive medicine, drug discovery, public health, prevention of infectious diseases, etc. NHRI Biologics Pilot Plant at Zhunan focuses on the early development of vaccines. MVC collaborated with NHRI in influenza and enterovirus vaccine candidates.

  • CDC
    (Centers for Disease Control, Taiwan)

    CDC conducts Taiwan’s infectious diseases prevention and set up disease prevention system for public health. MVC licensed in BCG vaccine and snake antivenoms from CDC and will supply for domestic use and market of South-East Asia.